The Impotence of Democracy

9 Aug

It’s August 2014, ISIS are raging through Iraq, Israel has been wiping out the natives for over half a century, Russia attempting a return to the glory days, Syria is at Civil war, the Sudan is still at it, North Korea and so on, and so on.

I have never known such widespread pain, suffering and murder.

What I am struggling with is, as a collective of nations we have the power to control the turmoil. Leaders give warnings, implement sanctions and other soft means of raining the rogue in, but its clearly not working.

Lets look at what’s going on in Iraq at the moment; Isis was permitted to form in the death, misery and chaos of Syria. The UK government declared itself international insignificant by voting to let the carnage continue, thus helping bring the international communities to a point of humanitarian apathy.

When I raised this point on my Facebook feed the general position was ‘we aren’t the international police, why should we sort it out?’

Let me put that into context; if you see a man beating up a little girl, you and your six baseball bat carrying mates are not obliged to put yourself in harms way to stop it from happening, but you can, so you do.

With great power comes great responsibility. We could have helped out in Syria, we chose not to.

I believe that if people’s mind-set could be changed to feel pride in keeping the world safe and stopping issues before they get out of hand, everything would be better. With global expectations set that if you victimise or force your mysticism on a population, nations as a collective will reign you back in.

As an example of what the international community could achieve if it used its overwhelming power to enforce peace;

Neither the Israelis or Palestinians are in a position to bring this conflict to an end, war crimes are being committed on both sides and passions are running too high to come to any agreement. The United Nations needs to take control of the region and manage the transition into peace.

Should the United Nations have flooded Crimea with personnel when the troubles first started, enforcing peace through overwhelming power, expectations would have been set that international law will be enforced. Bloodshed avoided, future incursions deterred and no economic conflict with Russia.

Again overwhelming power used to protect the population, resulting in less bloodshed, fewer refugees and no ISIS.

In short we are not the world police, but we need to be. There are bad people out there with followers gullible enough to believe them. Without collective decisive strength, there will be no peace.