A question of patriotism

31 Jul

Despite the complicated surname I am truly proud of my country; especially when it comes to over the top, opulent demonstrations of our quirkiness, for no other reason than our pleasure and because we can.

The opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics was particularly good example of this; whilst us Brits loved it, we took great pleasure in the collective bemusement of everyone else.

What has driven me to write this blog is the BBC Radio 1 Ibiza Prom, I mean what other country would have the will, desire and finances to say;

“Tell you what; you know all those drunk, drugged up youths that we export to Spain for two weeks a year. Let’s celebrate that with an orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall and broadcast it world wide over as many channels as we can”

 It was a masterful run through of the last 20 years of my life, from 19 working in a Bar in Hanley, to my current 39 with a 9 month old son and the end of my much enjoyed clubbing career.

What allows Britain to get away with this is our comfort with our position in the world; we’ve seen it, done it and have little left to prove.

This freedom from one-upmanship means that we can focus on what makes us happy and not give a dam about what anyone else thinks. This evening what made me happy was reliving the last 20 years of my drunken party life through the opulent medium of orchestral brilliance in the Royal Albert Hall.


God save the Queen